Interview to Jennifer Davis

Tell me something about yourself (Who you are, where you live, which are/were your studies).

My name is Jennifer Davis and I am a painting from Minneapolis, MN, USA. I have been a full-time artists for 10 years and I work from a studio in my home. I graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1998 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting and drawing. I exhibit my paintings regularly and sell prints and originals via my Etsy shop.

Tell me about your artworks (theme, media, colors).
I make a lot of smaller scale acrylic paintings on panel, custom pet portraits and custom, hand-painted, paper shooting targets.
Which is the last show where you exhibited your artworks?
I have recently completed a travel/study/exhibition grant project where I studied vintage carousels along the U.S. East Coast and created a new body of large scalecarousel themed paintings. My exhibition was at Public Functionary in Minneapolis.
What are your favorite artists? 
I have so many and am always looking to add more to my list! I am currently obsessed with:  Marco Wagner , OlafHajek , Aris Moore,  Jennifer Sanchez  …
I post art I like on Pinterest here: and I am particularly fond of my fellow MN artists- I post about them here:
What are your plans for the future?
I am currently working on a new series of Hand-Painted Shooting Targets for a solo exhibition at Low Gallery in San Diego, CA (in Sept.)

Ostriches, 4×4′, acrylic/graphite on panel


Pig, 4x4', acrylic/graphite on panel

Pig, 4×4′, acrylic/graphite on panel

Early Bird, 11x14', acrylic/graphite on panel

Early Bird, 11×14′, acrylic/graphite on panel


Photo by Micheal Johnson for Public Functionary

Photo by Micheal Johnson for Public Functionary


A process view of Jennifer's painting

A process view of Jennifer’s painting




Beautiful things


Glenda Sburelin


Pretty little thieves


River Luna

Fox portrait






Today I present a portrait of a fox in a green landscape made by me. I love paint clouds with rain and polka dots, these elements are often present on my illustrations.

title: fox
technique: acrylic on panel
year: 2014
size: 16x21cm
note: dated and signed on back

You can buy it here.

Do you like it? For me is funny and for you?

Illustrators of the day: Double Fox Studio

Drawing on Photograph_Embroidered Photographs_ Weird_ Surreal Art_ Animals and Nature_ Painted Girl_ Triangles_Spooky_Mixed Media Wall



Wall decor_Clay art_Handmade decoration_Christmas present_Beauty and the beast

304450_462335213800246_549704051_nToday I talk about two fantastic artists from Romania: Ildiko and Flavia. I discovered their creations on Etsy, They have a beautiful shop DoubleFoxStudio  where you can buy art dolls, drawings, art objects, pins and more. I love their the way they draw, the sign that they use to represent the characters. It is all very surreal and funnywith a little bit of dark style.

They have a blog here and a facebook page here.


This is the text that you can read in their “about” section in Double Fox Studio shop:

Three years ago we started to be very interested in three dimensional art objects made of all sort of mediums, not necessarily wooden or stone sculptures, but made of new materials and mixed media. So we imagined drawings as being three dimensional. We had no clue of what or how to do that and we looked for a sort of clay which could be good for modeling and drawing. We tried many but nothing fit our expectations.
Flavia: That’s when I thought I should try and make our own technique and it worked. I create the shapes of the dolls and Ildiko draws them. As for the animals we both make them and I also started drawing, Ildiko encouraged me to do that. I am happy I started it again. In the jewelry pieces we both do the modeling and painting. At this moment Ildiko makes the drawings on the jewelry objects.
We love to workIng with clay, paper, fabrics, pencils and a camera. But we all know that people like working with the tools they know how to work with.
You cannot say that you don’t like to play the piano if you have never played it you can only say you can’t play it. So one has to start doing something in order to know whether he likes it or not. We are looking forward for the new materials which we’ll discover during our artistic evolution, if we’ll feel the need for some new materials at a certain point.      


Illustrated brooches





With my brooches you can wear illustrations! Every brooch is a small original illustration, every one is unique and different.


I took a tree branch, I cut it in some wood slice and than I painting! It’ is a funny brooch very modern and fashionable!
This pin is a part of my new “illustrated brooches”.
You can attach it to a t-shirt, your bag, your favorite jeans … wherever you want!

size: diameter approximately 1.97 inch (5 cm) – high 0.2 inch (0.5 cm)
materials, wood, acrylic colors,pin

I accept custom order or you can buy it here



The ostrich

The ostrich puts its head in the sand … but in my illustration puts it under the ground. The ground of a green hill full of grass!

technique: acrylic and newspaper collage on paper
year: 2012
support: white paper Fabriano 220 gr.
size: 25×28 cm 9.85×11 inch





Illustration from Italy! Anna Laura Cantone

Today I present a fantastic italian illustrator from Milan: Anna Laura Cantone! I met Anna Laura three years ago in a illustration workshop at Sarmede, “the city of fables”, where she was the teacher. In addition to being very talented she is also very nice and fun! She has illustrated many books for children and also created a cartoon which is now broadcast in the second season. I love her illustration and also I have got some books illustrated by her.