I draw and paint every day. If I do not feel bad because for me it is a necessity. I have to express myself and my ideas through images. I use different techniques and media. I use oil paint, pencils, acrylics, watercolors … and more. Drawing on paper and wood. I create both large and small sizes based on the story that I represent and what I want to communicate.
I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, I attended the same school that my great-grandfather painter attended about 100 years earlier. I had decided to attend the Academy of Fine Arts because I wanted to find my way as an artist. In 2010 I graduated with honors. In 2012 I won an artist residency in Venice, where I worked in a studio for a year along with other artists, it was a beautiful and very important for me and my art. In addition to my art, my passion is to be with my little girl, Joy that keeps me company when I drawing and she looks curiously at everything I create.

I sell my illustration on etsy :

In addition to creating illustrations I have a brand of handmade pottery that I produce with my friend. The name of the brand is Bottega Krua and we have a shop here:



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